Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage finds in unlikely places

About a week ago, my husband was working on his car and had a bolt that was stuck. He needed a hefty vice to remove the bolt and asked if I could think of anyone who might have one. My Dad's shop came to mind and so we called him up and made a mad dash out to his ranch to use it. While we were there my short attention span led me to start exploring the old outbuildings and barns that I used to play in as a child. It is amazing how the years change our know, all that stuff you used to see as "old, dirty  junk in the barn" now you see as "beautiful, great, and I can use that for something, treasures!" Eureka! I started gathering and much to my surprise my dad told me to take it. ALL of it! I was so excited that I made my husband drive home and get the trailer so we could haul it home! So here is some new "old junk" that will be finding its way into both my garden and the store...
Some great old buckets, perfect for plants like these!

The cheeriest yellow Schwinn bicycle.
I think my husband called this a "bait and tackle" yeah, I don't know, it is just really cool, and I just love the old wood dairy boxes!

This sweet pink bike was mine when I was a kid, but don't get your hopes up on this one making it to the store. A sweet 6 year old I know has already claimed it!

A chippy old door...(I see a project coming soon!)
A orchard ladder and an old screen door, which may end up on my house if it is the right size!

And then there were some items I didn't bring home but now am having second thoughts about..
Hmmm, I guess that means I will just have to make another trip! I think I can handle the scenery again. I love Spring in the country!  

Have you been on any "hunts" lately or found any treasures in unexpected places? I would love to hear about them! Have a wonderful Wednesday! 



  1. Any chance the yellow bicycle will be up for sale? I've been searching for a yellow bike for years.

  2. Yes it will! I am hoping to put it in sometime in the next week. Not sure on the price yet though. If you are wanting it to ride, it needs a lot of work, if you are wanting it for some really cute yard art, its PERFECT!

  3. Love all your finds. So fun when you find treasures in the most unexpected places.