Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summertime? What's that?

Have you ever seen something and you thought, "Now that has potential.." Yeah, well Potential looks like many things, sometimes a piece of furniture, a heap of lumber on the side of the road that could 
become (fill in the blank), or even an old grain sack can have potential. 

This is my Potential. 

Not very pretty. Forlorn looking even. Discarded by a previous owner, and left to waste away. Exterior doors missing, windows missing, carpeting laying on the grass to keep weeds away...No one to love it.

Well not anymore!
(drum roll please)
You are looking at the proud owners of  Potential!

I'm trying to just ignore those ugly reality checks in my head. You know, the ones who are telling me this is a big project that must be done before the snow falls. Did I mention it's in the mountains, where there is snow, 3 hours from my house! Kind of a logistical nightmare don't you think? Oh yeah, and in case you've forgotten, it's fire season, and my husband is a firefighter. Hmmmm. I might be crazy. 
Well say goodbye to Summertime cause we now own, Potential! 

(Now you know why I've been absent from blogland...more updates to come) Have a great weekend!