Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painting Disasters- Had one lately?

Most people can't remember the names of the paint colors on their walls especially if they liked the color and went on happily decorating their room. 
If it turned out to be a disaster, they tend never to forget!
Had any disasters lately? I only ask because someone asked me last week if I had ever had any major design disasters? In a nutshell...
My biggest mistakes were called Brown Bread (more like moldy bread), and Cowgirl Blue (which was a little more lilac than blue, a definite no go in my sons room!)
They are unavoidable, but my motto is this "It's just paint! It can be repainted!" 
That's why my bedroom has been 4 different colors, my bathroom 3 different colors (and I'm still not sure I love it) and my daughters room has been 2 colors. I like to paint okay! No, truthfully it's just that I just know that $20 is a small price to pay for it to be right, I don't mind repainting, and paint is SO EASY TO CHANGE and the impact can be SOOO huge, so why not? What's stopping you? Don't let the possibility of a disaster keep you from loving your room or piece of furniture! There is always another day and more paint to "fix" the mistakes!
Be Brave and as Nike says, Just do It!