Friday, February 25, 2011

Many Hands, Little Hands, Tired Hands

Did I mention that the store remodel was a family affair?

Marjorie - Sister/Best Friend
Matt - Brother in-law/ aka Husbands Best Friend
 Mike - Husband
(He wasnt exactly thrilled with me taking his pic at the end of working all day. Forgot to mention that these were all taken at midnight. Yeah, it was kind of a long day!)
Me, not the best pic, but it was midnight after all.
And then there were the little helpers, 
Isn't she the cutest! Our littlest one, worked for hours making tags! She is gonna be quite the artist someday!

And the oldest little in our family whose version of "helping" looked more like this:
or this:
or even this:

And the person behind the scenes that  I couldn't have done any of this without? 
My mom, Judy, who is pictured here in the snow just hours before she broke her arm the day after Christmas. She has been such a trooper! Because she hasn't been able to be in the store physically working, she has been doing all of the bookkeeping, paperwork, and taking care of my kids (so I could be at the store setting up) all with her arm in a sling. Love you Mom!

Do you have any "helpers" in your DIY projects? I would love to know who helps you get your projects done! Have a lovely day!

- Amy

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Beginnings.

As many of our loyal customers know, we recently underwent a name change from The Nest to Vintage Etc. What they may not know is in addition to the name change we also did a complete overhaul inside the store. We went paint crazy, every surface got a new coat of paint. Walls, ceiling, floors, all of it, and it turned out gorgeous! I cant thank my husband, family, and close friends enough for all of their hard work. What is that old saying? "Many hands make light work," well its true. In little less than 3 weeks we were able to completely empty the store, repaint every surface, build two gorgeous counters, install the french doors in front, remove 5 feet of standing water (too much rain + sump pump not working = bad combination!) and re-merchandise. Wow, are you tired yet, cause I'm exhausted! Here's just a few pics of our journey and some paint colors in case you are interested.

See that yellowy color on the right, that used to cover the entire ceiling and all the trim. ugh.

Marj starting on the wall color (Parisian Taupe by Behr)

The boys prepping for floor paint. Look at that gorgeous white ceiling and cabinetry! (Swiss Coffee by Behr)

It was a lot of hard work, but the end result was worth all of it! Come in and take a look, we would love to know what you think.