Saturday, October 29, 2011

Handmade Halloween!

This year my kids had some very specific ideas for their Halloween costumes, and while they are not related to home decor, I thought I might share them with you just the same. My daughter, being a creative gal like myself decided months ago that she wanted to be a gypsy like the one she saw in the Chasing Fireflies catalog. Now while I love their costume ideas, I just can't spend $88.00 on my 6 year-olds' costume, so off to the Goodwill and some yard sales I went.  
First I took 3 adult size ruffled skirts from the Goodwill and cut them at various lengths then I sewed them together to make one skirt. I attached a wide ribbon I got free at a yard sale to the top to make a child size layered skirt. 3 buttons with ribbon loops hold it closed at the waist. I scored at a yard sale when I found a 1930's Czechoslovakian hand-embroidered blouse and wool jacket for $12.00! They fit my daughter perfectly and the shirt will also be used for her Christmas outfit with a petticoat (shown below.) The jacket can be worn with jeans and her red boots (another score from Ruby Rose.) The scarf around the waist was a belly dancing top from the Goodwill that I found that I cut the neck straps/breast cups off of and turned upside down to tie around her waist.  I pulled out some jewelry and scarves that used to belong to my grandmother and whola!...Total Cost for the entire costume = $23.00!

 So here is the Chasing Fireflies inspiration:

And here she is...  One very happy gypsy dressed for colder weather as it has been a whopping 42 degrees at night and with her brother who is dressed up as an Army Sniper (and who also had a handmade ghillie suit, yes I was a busy bee!)
Oh, and here are the other two outfits that will also be had from this Halloween costume idea. 
I absolutely love them both and the petticoats will be for sale at Vintage Etc. once we change over to Christmas next week!

 Are you having a Handmade Halloween? Link up with your photos, I would love to see what you came up with!
Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Halloween!