Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taylor Swift + Ventura Flea Market = One Great Day!

What a day! Vintage, ephemera, country singers??? Oh, My! You never know who you'll see when you go to the Flea. Last time it was Ty Pennington, this time it was, drum roll please....
 This gal....Yep, Taylor Swift! Crazy!

There I was looking at jewelry and I looked up and she was right next to me in a booth! Oh my goodness she is prettier in person than on TV! And boy is she tall! I just wish I could have put my words together fast enough to ask for an autograph for my baby girl, Sydney, who is in love with her! Ugh! My brain just wouldn't work fast enough! Who'd have thought that among the treasures at a flea market, one can run into their favorite singer!
Win, win!
So not only did that totally make my day, but to top it off we came home with some amazing vintage luggage, beautiful old mirrors, some amazing cottage pictures, and some of the cutest vintage aprons ever!
Oh, and Taylor if you should happen to read my lowly little blog, I also collect vintage books and one with your autograph would definitely be a prized possession!  ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

A huge THANK YOU to Rebecca Juretic at the Tribune for a her beautiful article in the Home and Garden section! She really captured who we are, and what we want for our store. We are so excited about all of the new customers we have met because of the story! If you missed it,  click here to check it out, or even better, come on in and say hello! We have lots of new items coming in weekly!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Collection Envy

Today I thought I would share a little bit of my Pinterest addiction with you, and believe me, I am obsessed! I just love to see the creativity of others, it is so inspiring, don't you think? Here are a few collections I would just love to have, if I only had the space!

Aren't these silhouettes just lovely? I wonder who they are of and what kind of story they would tell. 
I always see pieces like these at Fleas. Alone they are ho-hum, but together they are stunning. What a beautiful white on white display!

What a great idea for vintage silver trays. It is just a shame to put them in a cupboard when you aren't using them, this would be so beautiful in a dining room over a buffet year-round.
Ok...Moment of truth here. I actually have an entire collection of State plates in my buffet. I just haven't found a place for them. I swear they are kind of a compulsion. I have to buy them when I see them. Guess which state I don't have yet...yep, California. Guess I'm gonna have to go on that 500 mile yard sale and find it. he he he

Be still my heart...Vintage, silver ring boxes...gasp! I am gonna put these on the list for the next Flea for sure! Love! Can you imagine getting an engagement ring in one of these babies??? Oh yeah!

Do you have any great collections? I would love to see photos! Swing on over to our Facebook page and post some of those fancy items you covet and while you are there be sure to hit the "like" button! We'll have a giveaway when we get to 200! 
Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We are off to Mart to shop till we drop for some spectacular new items for the shop. I'll post about that next week while my feet are recovering from all of the walking I will be doing!